List of Names with "Successful" in Meaning

  • Yashvita
    Yashvita is an Indian name for girls meaning Famous; Successful; Beautiful. Read below for Yashvita's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Yashvita is the one, congratulations!
    Meaning: Famous, Successful, Beautiful Origin: Hindi
  • Fawiza
    Fawzia Name meaning in Urdu is کامیاب، , فاتح,, a Muslim Urdu Girl name with lucky number is 3 and Fawzia Name meaning in English is Sucessful, winner.
    Meaning: Successful Origin: Arabic
  • Fawqiyya
    Meaning: Successful Origin: Arabic
  • Fawzaana
    Meaning: Successful, Salvation Origin: Arabic
  • Fawziyy
    "With great body building". Masculine. The name can also mean "The just" from (Qasem) since Gulf Coastal Arab people pronounce the Q as J as in (qareeb) to (Jereeb) which means "Near". ... Masculine.
    Meaning: Triumph, Successful, Victorious Origin: Arabic
  • Yashoda
    Yashoda. The name Yashoda is a Female name. Indian meaning: The name Yashoda is a Indian baby name The Indian meaning of Yashoda is: Krishna's mother.
    Meaning: Mother of lord Krishna, Famous, Successful Origin: Hindi