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  • Yaakov
    Hebrew Meaning: The name Yaakov is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Yaakov is: Held by the heel.
    Meaning: One who supplants Origin: Hebrew
  • Yadid
    The meaning of the name “Yadid” is: “Beloved”. Categories: Hebrew Names, Jewish Names. Used in: Hebrew speaking countries. Gender: Boy Names. Origins: Hebrew.
    Meaning: Friend, Beloved Origin: Hebrew
  • Yadiel
    It took us a while to figure out where this name came from. It seems that Yadiel is the Spanish equivalent of the Hebrew Yehudiel (יהודיאל) meaning “praise of God”. ... That brings new meaning to the term T.G.I.F.! Yadiel is a rare masculine name but it is used from time to time among Spanish speakers.
  • Yadier
    Yadi. Yadier is a masculine given name. It has Hebrew origins where it means "friend or companion".
  • Yadon
    The meaning of the name “Yadon” is: “He will judge”. Categories: Biblical Names, Hebrew Names, Jewish Names. Used in: Hebrew speaking countries.
    Meaning: He will judge Origin: Hebrew
  • Yafeu
    Egyptian Meaning: The name Yafeu is an Egyptian baby name. In Egyptian the meaning of the name Yafeu is: Bold.
    Meaning: Bold Origin: Egyptian
  • Yagil
    The meaning of the name “Yagil” is: “He will rejoice”.
    Meaning: Celebrate Origin: Hebrew
  • Yago
    Hebrew Meaning: The name Yago is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Yago is: Supplanter.
    Meaning: Supplanter. Origin: Hebrew
  • Yahir - yah-HEER
    Yahir appears to be a new coinage and there are conflicting sources as to its etymology. It seems most likely that the name developed from the Biblical Hebrew name Yair meaning “he shines”. It may also be derived from an Arabic word with a similar meaning: “enlightened being”.
  • Yahto
    Native American Meaning: The name Yahto is a Native American baby name. In Native American the meaning of the name Yahto is: Blue.
    Meaning: Blue Origin: American Indian
  • Yahveh
    Meaning of name Yahveh. Etymology : Variant of YAHWEH. Saint : Origin : Theology.
    Meaning: Existingone Origin: English
  • Yahweh
    A name of the Hebrew God, represented in Hebrew by the tetragrammaton ("four letters") יהוה (Yod Heh Vav Heh), which was transliterated into Roman script as Y H W H.
    Meaning: Existing one
  • Yaima
    The meaning of the name “Yaima” is: “Water conduit”. Categories: Argentine Names, Chilean Names, Mapuche Names. Used in: Spanish speaking countries.
    Meaning: Little princess Origin: African
  • Yair
    Yair is a Hebrew given name, a variant of Jair. It may also be used as a surname.
  • Yaison - YAY-sohn
    Jason is a common given name for a male. It comes from Greek Ἰάσων (Iásōn), meaning "healer", from the verb ἰάομαι (iáomai), "heal", "cure", cognate with Ἰασώ, Iasō, the goddess of healing and ἰατρός, iatros, "healer", "physician".
    Meaning: Name derived from iastha, to heal
  • Yakecan
    Meaning: Sky, song Origin: American Indian
  • Yakecen
    Meaning: Sky on song Origin: Native American
  • Yakim
    Yakim. 38% this week. Gender: Male Meaning of Yakim: "he will establish" Origin of Yakim: Hebrew.
    Meaning: Established by God Origin: Hebrew
  • Yakir
    Name meaning. Dear, Darling. Yakir (Hebrew: יַקִּיר‎), is an Israeli settlement located in the West Bank's Samarian mountains about 35 km east of Tel Aviv near Revava and Nofim, on Road 5066 roughly between Barkan and Karnei Shomron.
    Meaning: Precious, dear Origin: Hebrew
  • Yakov
    Hebrew Meaning: The name Yakov is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Yakov is: Supplanter.
    Meaning: The supplanter Origin: Hebrew
  • Yakup
    What does Yakup mean? Yakup as a name for boys has its root in Hebrew, and the meaning of Yakup is "he who supplants". Yakup is an alternate spelling of Jacob (Hebrew). ASSOCIATED WITH Ya-, supplants (victory)
    Meaning: Seizing by the heel, Supplanting
  • Yale
    It is of Welsh and Old English origin, and the meaning of Yale is "heights, upland; fertile moor". Place name. Also the name of one of the Ivy League universities, founded by Elihu Yale. Yael (Israeli) means "God's strength".
    Meaning: Old Origin: English
  • Yan
    Yan Name Meaning. Chinese : of uncertain origin, originating in Shaanxi province. It may be a variant of another name from the same region and pronounced the same way (see 4 below, ).
    Meaning: God's grace yanis - god's gift Origin: Chinese
  • Yan Tao
    Yan-tao, ya-n t-ao ] The baby boy name Yan Tao is pronounced as YAENTAW †. Yan Tao's origin is Chinese. The name's meaning is a handsome man. See also the related categories, handsome (honorable), man (humanity), and chinese. Yan Tao is not regularly used as a baby name for boys.
    Meaning: Handsome Origin: Chinese
  • Yancey
    The name Yancy is a Native American baby name. In Native American the meaning of the name Yancy is: Englishman.
    Meaning: Englishman, Yankee Origin: English
  • Yandel
    Yandel is a name without an etymology or any known meaning. Its usage is isolated to the United States, influenced by a popular singing duo out of Puerto Rico called “Wisin y Yandel”. Yandel is a phonetic rendering of the singer's real Spanish first name: Llandel Veguilla Malavé.
  • Yandiel
  • Yanis
    Yannis, Yiannis, or Giannis (Γιάννης) is a common Greek given name, a variant of John (Hebrew) meaning "God is gracious." Variants include Ioannis (Ιωάννης), Yanni (Also Janni), Iannis, Yannakis, Yanis, and the rare Yanno, usually found in the Peloponnese and Cyprus. ... Yannis Anastasiou, Greek footballer.
  • Yanisin
    Meaning: Ashamed Origin: Native American
  • Yank
    The term "Yankee" and its contracted form "Yank" have several interrelated meanings, all referring to people from the United States. ... Within Southern American English, "Yankee" is a derisive term used to refer to any and all Northerners, or those from the regions of the Union side of the American Civil War.
    Meaning: Form of YANCY. Englishman