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Christian Names Meanings for Baby Boys - Starting with (K) ×

  • Kári
    Given name. ... This name is diminutive of Katharine, meaning "pure". The corresponding Swedish and German name is Karin. In Iceland and Faroe Islands, Kári is a male name, based on a Scandinavian god of wind of the same name.
    Meaning: Curly. Origin: Icelandic
  • Károly
    German Meaning: The name Roly is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Roly is: Famed land; renowned in the land. Roland was a legendary hero who served Charlemagne.
    Meaning: A man, freeman, peasant
  • Kåre
    Boys' names meaning handsome. If you're having a little boy, why not take a look through our name choices that mean handsome. ... Macallan: Scottish origin meaning 'son of a handsome man' also popular in the Jewish religion. Paris: German and French origin meaning 'handsome prince of Troy.'
  • Kévim
    Meaning: Handsome, comely birth, Beloved, kind
  • Ka
    Meanings and history of the name Ka: | Edit. The ancient Egyptians believed that a human soul was made up of five parts, Ka is the spiritual part, literally meaning "spark of life." Pronounced: KAH. Famous real-life people named Ka: | Edit.
  • Kağan
    Kaan is a masculine given name and surname of Turkic origin, meaning "ruler", "King of Kings" (Khagan). Kaan is a popular name in Western Asia, mainly Northern Cyprus.
  • Kaage
    Meaning: Shadow Origin: Japanese
  • Kaapo - KAH-po
    OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Jabril, Jibril (Arabic), Gabriel (Biblical), Gabriel (Biblical Greek), Gavri'el (Biblical Hebrew), Gabriel (Biblical Latin), Gavrail, Gavril (Bulgarian), Gabriel, Biel (Catalan), Dzhabrail (Chechen), Gabrijel (Croatian), Gabriel (Czech), Gabriel (Danish), Gabriël (Dutch), Gabriel, Gabby, Gabe ...
    Meaning: God's bravest man Origin: Finnish, Hebrew
  • Kaapro
  • Kaare
    MEANING: This name derives from the Old Norse “kárr”, meaning “curly (hair)”, or from the Old Norse “afkárr”, from the old Germanic adj. “af-kárligr”, meaning “tempest, stormy one, strange, prodigious, odd, like a madman”.
  • Kaarl
    The name Kaarl is a Finnish baby name. In Finnish the meaning of the name Kaarl is: Strong.
    Meaning: Strong Origin: Finnish
  • Kaarle - KAHR-le
    French Meaning: The name Kaarle is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Kaarle is: Strong and masculine.
    Meaning: Free man Origin: Finnish, Germanic
  • Kaarlo
    Meaning: Strong and masculine Origin: French
  • Kabelo
    This is a Sesotho/Setswana/Sepedi name. ... So then, the main meaning of the name Kabelo is "what has been share to you/your share of something greater". It could mean "inheritance" or simply something that has been given to you.
  • Kabili
    Kabili. Swahili Origin. "Honest, Brave" The meaning of the name Kabili is Honest, Brave. The origin of the name Kabili is Swahili.
    Meaning: Possession Origin: African
  • Kabos
    Kabos has its origins in the Hebrew language. The name Kabos means 'a swindler'. A variant transcription of Kabos is Kaboes. See also the related category hebrew. Kabos is not popular as a baby boy name.
    Meaning: Swindler
  • Kace
    Kace. KAYse. Meaning of the name Kace Courageous and vigilant; always on the watch. Origin of the name Kace Irish.
  • Kacen
    Meaning of the name Kacen A spelling variant of Casen and also related to Casey, this Irish name means "descendent from the vigilant one." Origin of the name Kacen Irish.
  • Kachada
    The name Kachada is a Native American baby name. In Native American the meaning of the name Kachada is: White man.
    Meaning: White man Origin: Native American
  • Kacper - KAHTS-per
    Kacper is the Polish form of the name Casper, which is Persian in origin and means 'Treasure Keeper'. The Polish spelling is unusual in Britain and the forms Casper or Kasper are more frequently used.
  • Kadan
    Meaning: Companion Origin: Japanese
  • Kadei
    In Albanian and Turkish, Kadri is a masculine given name. In Estonian, Kadri is a feminine given name. The name entered Latvian as the variant of Kadri, Kadrija. Notable people who share the given name Kadri include: Male.
    Meaning: From the wetlands Origin: Scottish
  • Kaden Scott
    Meaning: Fighter Origin: Native American
  • Kadesh Barnea
    The name Kadesh-barnea is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Kadesh-barnea is: Holiness of an inconstant son.
    Meaning: Holiness of an inconstant son Origin: Israeli
  • Kadison
    Kad, Kadi, Kads. Meanings and history of the name Kadison: | Edit. This name is usually a surname. Strong, caring, faithful, courageous. Famous real-life people named Kadison: | Edit.
  • Kadmiel
    The different meanings of the name Kadmiel are: Hebrew meaning: God is the first. God is my east.
    Meaning: God of antiquity, god of rising Origin: Israeli
  • Kadmonites
    In Biblical the meaning of the name Kadmonites is: Ancients; chiefs.
    Meaning: Ancients, chiefs Origin: Israeli
  • Kadmus
    Greek Meaning: The name Kadmus is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Kadmus is: From the east.
    Meaning: From the east Origin: Greek
  • Kado
    Kado is of Japanese origin. The name means 'gateway'. ... Kado is a baby boy name of irregular use.
    Meaning: Gateway Origin: Japanese
  • Kaeb
    Kaeber. Meanings and history of the name Kaeb: | Edit. Kaeb came from the last name Kebernik. Kebernik is a German last name. Famous real-life people named Kaeb: | Edit Share what you know!