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Origin of the name Hayley: Transferred use of a Northern English surname derived from Hale or Hales (residing in a nook, recess, or remote valley). It has also been suggested that Hayley derives from the place-name Hailey, which is composed of the Old English elements hēg (hay) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow).

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What is the meaning of Hailey ?

Hailey is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is English. Hailey name meanings is A form of haile.
People search this name as Biblical meaning of the name hailey, How to pronounce hailey in russian, Biblical meaning of hailey, Urban dictionary hailey.
Other similar sounding names can be Haley.

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What does Hailey name mean?

Hailey is one of the most loved baby girl name, its meaning is a form of haile, from a surname which was originally derived from the name of a town in england meaning "hay clearing" from old english..

What is the religion of the name Hailey?

The people with name Hailey are mostly known as Christian.

What is the origin of the name Hailey?

Most of the christian names are orginated from English origin.

Is the name Hailey difficult to pronounce?

Hailey name has 6 letter and 1 word and it average name but still not very hard to pronounce.

Is Hailey name is short?

No! Hailey is an average length name.

Hailey Name Combinations.

You probably have google this question: My baby name is Hailey and how can I combine the name Hailey with other names and create unique & new name? We tried to suggest Hailey name combinations. You can see how it looks the name Hailey as first name or Hailey as last name. You can combine the middle name for Hailey and create a unique name.

Hailey as First Name
  • Name
    Popularity %
  • Hailey Smith
  • Hailey Davis
Hailey as Last Name
  • Name
    Popularity %
  • James Hailey
  • John Hailey
  • William Hailey
  • Robert Hailey
  • George Hailey
  • Willie Hailey
  • Charles Hailey
  • Walter Hailey
  • Annie Hailey
  • Henry Hailey
  • Dorothy Hailey
  • Joseph Hailey
  • Raymond Hailey
  • Paul Hailey

Hailey Ethnicity Distribution.

  • Ethnicity
  • White
  • African American
  • Asian, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander
  • American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Two or More Ethnicities
  • Hispanic or Latino

Popular personalities with Hailey Name.

Hailey Baldwin
Hailey Baldwin

Hailey was given the name Hailey Rhode Baldwin on November 22nd, 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

Hailey Clauson
Hailey Clauson

Hailey was born on March 7th, 1995 in Thousand Oaks, California, U.S.

Hailey Langland
Hailey Langland

Hailey was born on August 2nd, 2000.

Hailey Nichol
Hailey Nichol

Hailey Nichol is a fashion and sales.

Hailey McCann
Hailey McCann

Hailey was born on October 4th, 1995.

Hailey Anne Nelson
Hailey Anne Nelson

Hailey Anne Nelson is an actress and actor. They were most active from 2003 to present. Hailey was born on September 14th, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Leisha Hailey
Leisha Hailey

Leisha Hailey is an actress and musician. She was most active from 1991 to present. Leisha was born on July 11th, 1971 in United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands.

Arthur Hailey
Arthur Hailey

Arthur Hailey was a writer. Arthur was born on April 5th, 1920 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. He died on November 24th, 2004.

Cedric Hailey
Cedric Hailey

Cedric Hailey is a contemporary r&b, pop music, contemporary christian music, gospel music, traditional black gospel, and urban contemporary gospel musician. His career lasted from 1983 to 1983. Cedric was given the name Cedric Renard Hailey on September 2nd, 1969 in Monroe, North Carolina. Cedric is also known as Little Cedric and K-Ci.

Ashawna Hailey
Ashawna Hailey

Ashawna Hailey was a technologist and philanthropist. Ashawna was born on October 8th, 1949 in Lubbock, Texas, U.S. Ashawna is also known as Shawn Hailey (birth name). She left this life on October 14th, 2011.

Malcolm Hailey
Malcolm Hailey

Malcolm was born on February 15th, 1872. He died on June 1st, 1969.

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

Elizabeth was born on August 31st, 1938 in Dallas.

What are similar sounding Christian Girl names with Hailey

Calculate Numerology for Hailey

# Ltr index Letter in Name Position of Letter
0 H 5
1 A 1
2 I 1
3 L 3
4 E 5
5 Y 1
Numerology of name Hailey 7 (subtotal of 16)

Discovering Personality Type of Hailey

Hailey has the numerology 7. They try and analyze as many things as possible and not just that but they also believe in spreading awareness about everything that they know. The meaning of this name is A form of haile. They do not believe in keeping knowledge to themselves but spreading it.

People with numerology number 7 are more on the studious and knowledgeable side because they believe in studying everything that is present on this planet. The gender of this name Hailey is Girl.

They are also the ones believing in meditation because they want peace all around them and these people are also very understanding of the situations around them. They do not make a fuss out of any situation rather they try to solve it as much as possible.

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