Xerxes I Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

01/01/1970   -   01/01/1970

Xerxes I (Xerxes the Great) was the fourth and the most famous king of the Archaemenid dynasty of Persia. This biography profiles his childhood, family, personal life, life history, achievements, campaigns, administration, death and other facts.

  • Bithday 0519 BC
  • Nationality Iranian
  • Famous as Persian King

Xerxes I Biography, Facts and Family

  • Born: 519 BC
  • Famous: Iranian Male
  • Also Known As: Xerxes The Great
  • Born In: Iran
  • Famous As: Persian King
  • Spouse/Ex-: Amestris
  • Father: Darius I
  • Mother: Atossa
  • Siblings: Achaemenes, Ariabignes, Ariomardos, Arsamenes, Arsames, Artobarzanes, Gobryas, Hyperantes, Hystaspes, Masistes
  • Children:
    1. Amytis
    2. Artaxerxes I Of Persia
  • Died On: 466
  • Bio: Xerxes I (Xerxes The Great) Was The Fourth And The Most Famous King Of The Archaemenid Dynasty Of Persia. This Biography Profiles His Childhood, Family, Personal Life, Life History, Achievements, Campaigns, Administration, Death And Other Facts.