Vladimir Prelog Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

23/07/1906   -   07/01/1998

Vladimir Prelog was a famous Zürich-based chemist, who won the ‘Nobel Prize’ for his work on stereochemistry. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, profile, career and timeline

Vladimir Prelog Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Organic Chemists
  • Died At Age: 91
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Also Known As: V. Prelog
  • Born In: Sarajevo
  • Famous As: Chemist
  • Spouse/Ex-: Kamila Prelog (née Vitek)
  • Died On: January 7, 1998
  • Place Of Death: Zürich
  • Education: Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Awards: Nobel Prize In Chemistry - 1975 Marcel Benoist Prize - 1964
  • Bio: Vladimir Prelog Was A Famous Zürich-based Chemist, Who Won The ‘Nobel Prize’ For His Work On Stereochemistry. This Biography Provides Detailed Information About His Childhood, Profile, Career And Timeline